Food and beverages 

Precious Trading Company WLL is one of the largest and most sought after retailers of food and beverages. Rice being a major food, we ensure that people get various quality of rice depending on choice of consumption and affordability.

We have different types of other cereals and grains mainly for human consumption. All the foods and beverages are of the finest quality and all of them undergo a quality check before packaging; so its 100% safe. Apart from rice and cereals, we sell cashew nuts which is a widely used nut.

We have satisfied and loyal buyers from all over the world and this testifies our quality. Here at our store, buyers can do a wide range of rice selection and our price is the lowest compared to other wholesalers.

You can get the entire product details, specifications and send us enquiries. View our products, compare prices and buy the desired rice variety for your meal. 

Jasmine fragrant rice (Vietnam)


As the name suggests, Jasmine rice smells like the Jasmine flower post cooking.  Jasmine Rice from Vietnam is a high quality fragrant grain. The texture is tender, silky and the flavor is absolutely delicate.

Long grain white rice (Vietnam & India) 


If you have a fetish for very long grain white rice, buy the ones coming from Vietnam and India. This is the best type of non-basmati rice and is appropriate for human consumption. The Vietnamese rice is free from larvae, moulds and any sort of alien odor.

Basmati rice (India)


If you are looking for the best aromatic rice in the market, it’s the Basmati Rice (India). It’s a pure white color rice, long in size, smooth in texture and tastes different. This variety of rice is available in different price range.

Sona Masoori (India)


Sona Masoori (India) is grown in parts of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. This Indian variety rice is highly aromatic, extremely light-weight, medium grain and contains low starch. You can cook your favorite dishes like fried rice, biryani, idlis and sweet pongal.

Indian Matta rice (India) 


Matta rice is the Indian native brown rice which is the secret from Kerala and is popular known as ‘Rosematta’ or ‘Kerala Rice’. Its unpolished rice, pink in color and has a nutty taste. This grain is a healthy choice which helps in controlling blood sugar levels



Cashew nut popularly known as ‘caju’ is a delicious nut that is full of energy, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins. Cashew is a very popular ingredient used in sweet dishes as well as spicy preparations worldwide.Cashew is about 1 inch in length ..