Health Care

Health depends on key factors including environmental factors, biological factors, standard of living and nutrition. Basically health can be considered as functional welfare.  There are different branches of healthcare including hospital care, public care and primary care.

Health care services deal directly with issues related to ill-health and improper hygiene.  Health services are also described as medical services because ill health is a cause of bad sanitization and lack of medical facilities. Facts and figures show that unavailability of adequate health care products make people prone to suffer from infective diseases. Being a socially committed company,

we manufacture various updated well-researched healthcare products for proper cleaning, hygiene and infection control.  



Disinfectant Cleaning Solution

disinfectant_cleaning_solution_surface_spray-60x95Non Hazardous and alcohol free solution supplied in a ready to use or concentrated liquid solution.

Hand & Surface Wiping System

Hand & Surface Wiping SystemNon hazardous and alcohol free range of heavy and light duty wipes for surfaces, equipment and hands.

Hand & Body Foaming Cleanser

Hand & Body Foaming CleanserAn alcohol-free (anti viral & bacterial) waterless hand sanitiser for people on the move or have no access to washing facilities.

Disinfectant Spray and Air Freshener

Disinfectant Spray and Air Freshener2 in 1 disinfection and air freshening capability eliminating all hygiene risks and unpleasant odours.

Medical Hand Scrub

Medical Hand ScrubHigh performance antiviral and bacterial hand wash for high risk environments.

Alcohol Hand Gel

Alcohol Hand GelHigh performance alcohol hand gel that is anti viral and bacterial. Contains Aloe vera to reduce skin irritation risk.

Absorb Powder

Absorb PowderSuper absorbent powder that is anti bacterial and is designed to absorb body fluids and general spillages.

Anti Bac Soap

Anti Bac SoapEveryday anti bacterial soap designed to freshen, clean and disinfect hands. Ph neutral with an Aloe Vera skin conditioner.

Pure Hold Hygiene Handle


Pure Hold Hygiene Handle – a unique, revolutionary pull door handle that automatically dispenses sanitising gel

The Pure Hold Hygiene Handle is ideal for use in food processing plants, hospitals, clean rooms and all staff/ public toilets to ensure that hand hygiene is enforced.  Know More..

Where our products are typically used

Bioguard’s class leading hygiene, cleaning and infection control products are extensively used in healthcare environments including GP and dental surgeries, schools, nursing and care homes and emergency services. In hospital environments our products are used in mortuaries, laboratories, rehabilitation units and in critical health wards and other high risk areas.


Products available and some typical performance benefits

Included in this product range are:

Click on any of the products above to view the product bulletins, which provide further information on each of these products and also more details of the benefits described below.

The product range benefits typically include:

  • Powerfully effective
  • Independently tested
  • Non hazardous and food safe
  • Skin and surface friendly
  • Ideal for high risk environments
  • Easy on the environment
  • Economic in use
  • Time and labour saving