Health and Hygiene

Precious Trading Company  WLL avails you a wide range of health and hygiene products after intensive research and development. We provide superior quality products related to healthcare, vending, food processing and also offer customized solutions. Our provisions include but are not limited to washroom hygiene dispensers, tissues, garbage bags, garbage bags with drawstring, housekeeping tools & equipment, personal hygiene products, infection control products and entrance matting systems etc.

We have listened to various people complaining that drugstore cleaning, hygiene and infection control products are not high in performance. So, we have focused on manufacturing the world class products for best disinfection. Our products are affordable, environment friendly, alcohol-free, very effective, non-hazardous and as a cherry on the top, they are tested before market release.

Infection outbreak can actually happen anywhere, in the hospitals, home, schools or at workplace. Our products ensure continuous protection against spread of infection that pose a serious threat to one’s health. We aim to safeguard you from all harmful substances in the environment. We are the leaders in the market offering perfect solutions for cleaning and hygiene control to prevent contagious outbreak.

We have earned reputation for excellent product development and manufacturing with quality. Our strong in-house team ensures strict quality control, all our products have ISO registration standards and there is product performance assurance. We are running continuous research and development for offering customized solutions.



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